Elementary Forensics Team (Spring 2024)

  1. These materials are useful for the students to track their homework and their learning. The syllabus has the ‘tentative’ homework schedule as well as the lessons for each meeting. The student workbook serves as a “how to” guide and provides a step=by-step guide for most of the activities we do in the class. 
    HOMEWORK: There are two sets of homework for each week; about debating and about the debate topic. Both sets are due each week. ty!

Topic 1: Arctic Militarization
[Research], [Evidence], & [Samples].

Topic 4: Abolishing P5 Status
[Research], [Evidence], & [Samples].

Topic 2: Student Loan Forgiveness
[Research], [Evidence], & [Samples].

Topic 5: Eating Meat is Undesirable
[Research], [Evidence], & [Shared Folder (Google)].

Topic 3: Ban Single-Use Plastic
[Research], [Evidence], & [Samples].

Topic 6: US-EU Trade Agreement
[Research], [Evidence], & [Shared Folder (Google)].

Forensics Team Homework (All Grades):

Homework  for May 18th & 25th: Week 10 & 11
We will not have a forensics team meeting because the tournament will be taking place during that time.
IMPORTANT: We have a contest on May 18th & 25th from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM  (Pacific) about the “Meat” topic.

Homework  to Complete by May 18th:
A. Research: Please do the following research assignments…

1. [Optional] Update your research for [Eating Meat is Undesirable]
IMPORTANT: The shared folder for the Meat topic has everything in it… [Shared Folder (Google)].

2. Do the required research for [US-EU Trade].
B. Writing: Please do the following writing assignments…
1. [Trade: Optional] Create a T-chart with 3-5 facts w/sources for each side.
2. [Trade: Optional] Write two arguments (SEE-IT) for each side (Economy & Stability/Security).
3. [Trade: Optional] Write rebuttals (4-Step) against each of your arguments.
C. Speaking: Please do the following speaking assignments…
1. [Meat] Please practice speaking from each of the new outlines that were created for you.

Here are some items that may be useful for preparing for the Concordia University Online Debate event:
[T-chart], [Evidence], [Arguments], [Rebuttals], [Rejoinders], & [Voting Issues].

Finding Debate Outlines (P5 Topic): [Shared Folder (Google)].
Finding Debate Outlines (Meat Topic): [
Shared Folder (Google)]. 
Finding Debate Outlines (US-EU Trade): [Shared Folder (Google)].

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