Elementary & Middle School Homework (2023-24)

  1. These materials are useful for the students to track their homework and their learning. The syllabus has the ‘tentative’ homework schedule as well as the lessons for each meeting. The student workbook serves as a “how to” guide and provides a step=by-step guide for most of the activities we do in the class. 
    HOMEWORK: There are two sets of homework for each week; about debating and about the debate topic. Both sets are due each week. ty!

Middle & High School Classes (Grades 5-12th):

[MON, TUE, & FRI (5:30-7:00)] & [MON* (7:10-8:40) & WED* (7:30-9:00]. *online class!

HW Due (May 20-24, 2024): Week 1
A. Research: Please do the following research assignments…
1. Do the required research for [US-EU Trade Agreement] & [Google Shared (Folder)].

B. Writing: Please do the following writing assignments…
1. Create a T-chart with 3-5 facts w/sources for each side.
2. [Optional] Write two arguments (SEE-IT) for each side (Economy & Stability/Security).
3. [Optional] Write rebuttals (4-Step) against each of your arguments.
C. Speaking: Please do the following speaking assignments…
1. Practice speaking from your t-chart/facts to prepare for sharing and some crossfires.
2. [Optional] Practice speaking from the “4-Step Refutation” & “Voting Issues” outlines.
3. [Optional] Be ready for a “full” debate about the “US-EU Trade” topic.
Just in case, here is the link to the “Meat is Undesirable” topic… 
[Google Shared (Folder)].

Contact Information:

Bill Eddy,
714.655.8135 (I prefer text)

When contacting me, please include your name and class information (day/time). Thanks

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