Debate-Related "Explainer" Videos (Animated)

  1. These videos are often animated and have a squirrel narrator with a British accent. They are meant to be mildly entertaining, yet quite informative. The viewer gets a quick 3-5 minute lesson to assist them in understanding the debate process.

  1. [All Training Videos] Download from “WeTransfer” (expires July 2024):

  1. First Speaker’s Role: “Making Speeches” & “Making Rejoinders.” / Second Speaker’s Role: “Making Rebuttals” & “Making Voting Issues.”

Learning About the Debate Formats (Videos & Articles)

  1. These videos (and PDFs) are designed to help people understand how to debate within the different debate formats. The current format we have been focusing on is called “Public Forum” debate. There are others that will eventually be taught/explained as well.

  1. [All Debate Format Videos] Download from “WeTransfer” (expires July 2024):

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