The Sierra Club says that a cheeseburger requires 698.5 gallons of water to make, including 22 gallons for the bun, 4.5 gallons for lettuce and tomato, 56 gallons for cheese, and 616 gallons for the meat patty.

April 2024: Eating Meat

Resolved: On balance, consuming meat does more harm than good.


Eating meat is a big decision that some people think a lot about. Some people choose not to eat meat because they want to protect animals and keep them safe. They believe that animals should live happily and not be used for food. Others eat meat because it gives them the protein and energy their bodies need, and they’re used to having it in their meals. This makes the choice hard because while we want to be healthy and strong, we also care about animals and the planet. It’s like being in a tug-of-war between doing what’s good for our health and what’s good for the environment and animals. Please read and consider the following list of pros and cons… can you do better? 😉 Here is a link for the [T-Chart].

Eating Meat is Undesirable (PRO)

Eating Meat is Undesirable (CON)

  1. Dangerous Contamination from Manure (working too fast = sloppy and unsafe) According to… The Meatrix 2.5, Oct 14, 2011

  2. Deadly Bacteria in Meat (causing hospitalizations and death) According to… TIME for Kids, November 8, 2019

  3. Wasting Precious Water Resources (requires thousands of liters) According to… Water Footprint Network, January 2024

  4. Massive Environmental Destruction (deforestation and habitat loss) According to… National Geographic, December 14, 2018

  5. Catastrophic Methane Emissions (major contributor to global warming) According to… United Nations Environment Programme, May 2021

  6. Cruel and Inhumane Treatment of Animals (severe suffering in factory farming) According to… PETA, March 2024

  7. Polluting Vital Water Supplies (manure runoff contaminates drinking water) According to… Environmental Protection Agency, March 2023

  8. Rampant Antibiotic Overuse (leading to dangerous resistant bacteria) According to… World Health Organization, November 17, 2020

  9. Exploiting Child Labor (children working in hazardous conditions) According to… The Washington Post, May 10, 2021

  10. Brutal Slaughter Practices (animals endure extreme suffering) According to… Humane Society International, January 2021

  1. Essential Nutrient Powerhouse (crucial vitamins and minerals for health) According to… Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, January 2023

  2. Superior Protein Source (vital for muscle strength and repair) According to… Mayo Clinic, February 2022

  3. Lifesaving Omega-3 Fatty Acids (supports heart and brain health) According to… American Heart Association, March 2022

  4. Boosts Immune Defenses (enhances immune function and protection) According to… WebMD, May 2020

  5. Vital Economic Engine (supports millions of jobs globally) According to… Food & Agriculture Organization, April 2024

  6. Protects a $1.37 Trillion Industry (prevents massive economic losses) According to… Statista, October 30, 2023

  7. Economic Lifeline for Rural Areas (ensures rural community stability) According to… The Guardian, March 22, 2023

  8. Cultural Identity Pillar (key to national pride and unity) According to… CNN, February 2023

  9. Essential for Religious Practices (integral to cultural and religious rituals) According to… BBC, March 22, 2023

  10. Foundation of Social Gatherings (central to family and community bonds) According to… Smithsonian Magazine, August 5, 2022


Please watch all of the required videos (& take notes) before arriving at the first forensics team meeting.
“WeTransfer” link for the videos & articles (will expire in 2025): [WeTransfer (Possibly Later)].

Required Research (Videos):

The Meatrix I, II, & II-1/2,
Animated Films, 2003+
[Part-01, 4 min], [Part-02, 4 min], & [Part-03, 3 min].

Is Meat Really that Bad?
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, November 30, 2021 [12 min]

Required Research (Articles):

Sorry Vegans: Here’s How Meat-Eating Made Us Human,
TIME Magazine, March 9, 2016

Food Safety (Meat Spreading Disease),
TIME for Kids, November 8, 2019

A Cleaner Meat (Meat Substitutes),
TIME for Kids, March 29, 2022


Please consider watching/reading the following research areas in order to prepare for upcoming events.

Optional Research (Articles & Videos):

[Video] Pros and Cons of Eating Meat (April 2024),
Debate Matters, April 5, 2024 [5 min]

[Video] Negative Implications of Eating Meat (April 2024),
Debate Matters, April 5, 2024 [5 min]

[Video] Positive Implications of Eating Meat (April 2024),
Debate Matters, April 5, 2024 [3 min]

[Video] Future of Meat Explained,
Vox Media (Documentary), November 14, 2019 [20 min]

10 Pros and Cons of Eating Red Meat,
LesMills Website, May 26, 2019

Should People Become Vegetarian?,, Last Updated: Feb 25, 2021

A Meaty Debate: Can Meat Fit into a Healthy Diet?,
Healthline Website, Last Updated: October 28, 2021

So your kid wants to be a vegetarian,
National Geographic, June 21, 2021

ADDITIONAL RESEARCH (Evidence & Outlines)

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